We wanted to create a family web site where we can all share and admire all our family accomplishments and newsworthy history. The idea was to scan and document the things that we are currently unaware of.  This is a way to contact our far stretched family members.  That means no one has to travel hundreds of miles to contact someone you haven’t seen or heard from in such a long time. It can be accessed at any time of the day or night.
As we see it, our family history should be shared between all family members. We have worked very hard acquiring, sorting and scanning all of this, and have placed everything that we came across on our web site. It was a huge task, but we figuredit was worth the time it took to compile it and make it available to all Mallet family members.  If this task gets delayed, people  may never get on      our website.  It was a huge task, but we figured it was worth the time it took to compile it and make it available to all Mallet family members.  If this task gets delayed, people may  Mary Williams & Armand Malletnever get a chance to see it.  So we're doing it while we have the mind set and desire to make it happen.
Along with what we have aiready provided, each family member may contributr scans or photo copies of photos in their possession that they would like to share with other family members.  That way we can obtain more pieces to paint a more complete picture of our ancestors.
If you have a photo or document that is important or interesting that you would like to share with the family,                                                                      and email it.
P.S. - I would like to thank Mrs. Irma Stewart for the inspiritation to develop this website.




In order to paint a more complete picture of our family history, we are currently trying to collect and update our records on all of the family members.  If you have navigated this site and haven't come across any documentation pertaining to you or someone you know, please let us know.  You can do this by selecting the links below and giving us your family history and contact information.   Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated in helping  us complete this process.  Thanks and we love you all.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

If you are a family member, select this link and let us know who you are:


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